Smartphone App for tracking your assay: Maestro Z App

You can't always be in the lab.

Introducing the Maestro Z App, monitor your experiment from your smartphone or desktop. With it you can:

  • Check your experiment to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • See if your cultures are ready for the next phase of your experiment to begin.
  • Monitor changes in cell proliferation, viability, GPCR signaling, and TEER over minutes or weeks.
  • View your data anywhere, no need to be in the lab.

Maestro Z keeps working when you can't be there. Keep tabs on your experiment and keep your research on track.


Features of the Maestro Z App: 

  • Interactive display graphs real-time data of the entire time course and selectable endpoints.
  • Temperature and COmonitoring ensures an optimal cell culture environment.
  • Export figures and tables from your phone or desktop.
  • Manage multiple systems from one convenient location.


Supports all oncology, virology, and kinetic cellular assays including: