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Omni Pro 12

The Omni Pro 12™ is an automated, high-throughput live-cell analysis platform designed for continuous multiwell imaging inside the incubator. Enhance your throughput and workflow through the unparalleled ease-of-use, flexibility, and multiplate capacity of the Omni Pro 12. The multifaceted device can shed light on cell viability, morphology, and function via brightfield and fluorescence live-cell imaging, combined with reliable and powerful data analysis.


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The Omni Pro 12 platform is designed to simplify and accelerate the acquisition of complex biological data. Using brightfield and fluorescence imaging combined with advanced software tools, the Omni Pro 12 can help you to examine cell health and function non-invasively and in real time.

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Software Modules

The Omni Pro 12 platform has six different software modules available to meet your assay needs:

Confluence Software Module

Confluency Module – Know exactly when to passage your cells or track cell growth and death in your experiments with brightfield confluency.

Colony Detection software icon

Clonogenic Assay Module – Monitor and quantify cell proliferation and colony formation to study the effects of cytotoxic and immunotherapeutic agents.

FL Module

Fluorescence Module – Add fluorescent assay capabilities with fluorescence confluency, intensity, and object detection.​

iPSC Module

iPSC Module – For monitoring the growth of pluripotent stem cells in a feeder-free culture environment.

Organoid analysis

Organoid Analysis Module – Identify, track, and analyze organoids across an array of culture vessels using an advanced machine-learning algorithm.

Cell migration or wound healing or scratch assay software module

Scratch Assay Module – Investigate the progression of wound closure over time.


Cross-compatible Platforms

View data collected with your Omni™ within the software of these compatible platforms:

Maestro Pro MEA System

Maestro MEA™ – See whole-plate images of your cultures next to real-time activity measurements. Confirm electrode coverage and culture health with just a few clicks. Compatible with the Maestro Pro™ and Edge™ systems.​

Maestro Z System

Maestro Z™ – Compliment your impedance assays with whole-plate images of your cultures. Monitor electrode coverage and culture health over time with just a few clicks. Compatible with the Maestro ZHT™, TrayZ™, and Z systems.​​




How does the Omni Pro 12 work?

Omni Pro 12 is a high-throughput live-cell imaging platform, consisting of an Omni FL system with integrated 12-plate storage and handling. Samples are illuminated using an LED and recorded with a moving camera positioned below the sample stage. During brightfield acquisition, the camera scans the sample stage and acquires a series of sequential images. One complete brightfield scan generates around 7850 snapshots. These are stitched to form an image with a surface area of 86 mm × 124 mm (3.4’’ × 4.9’’). When acquiring fluorescence images, the users can choose how many snapshots of a defined location within the well they want to record. The images are uploaded to the portal where they can be analyzed using our image analysis algorithms or 3rd party software.

Can the Omni Pro 12 be used inside a cell culture incubator?

Yes, the Omni Pro 12 is designed to be used inside a cell culture incubator. The hardware and electronics can operate at 5 – 40°C and between 20 – 95% humidity.

What culture vessels are compatible with the Omni Pro 12?

Any transparent microplate (e.g. 6- to 384-well plate) is compatible with the Omni Pro 12.

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