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The Confluency Module measures the percentage of the surface area of a two-dimensional (2D) culture that is covered with cells. Assessing cell confluence is an essential step for many experimental workflows. With the Confluency Module for Omni and Lux platforms, you can assess cell confluency in an unbiased and efficient way.


With the Cell Confluency Module:

>> Measure cell confluence using label-free and fluorescence-based analyses

>> Maintain cellular phenotype and culture quality by properly timing cell passaging

>> Assess cell confluence and viability in response to compound treatment

>> Set up notifications to inform you when to passage your cells


Cell confluence images taken by the Omni


The Confluency Module highlights the position of cells on the Omni and Lux platforms to automatically track and quantify cell health and proliferation to improve efficiency and reproducibility of your experiments. Images are automatically acquired and processed by the Confluency Module which can automatically generate reports containing experimental results for cell coverage (brightfield or fluorescence) and fluorescent coverage ratios.


Output List

Metrics provided by the Cell Counting Module:

>> Cell coverage (%) - total cell coverage of an imaged area; when using fluorescence imaging, the percentage of red fluorescence and green fluorescence coverage is also assessed.

>> Confluence ratios (%) – the percentage of coverage ratios of green and red fluorescent objects.

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