Corning Cell Counter

Corning Cell Counter

Corning Cell Counter

Automated cell counting offers a high degree of accuracy, flexibility, and consistency compared to manual cell counting. The Corning Cell Counter is an automated cell counting platform designed for efficient and accurate analysis of cell concentration and viability. Using advanced optics and deep learning-powered image analysis, the Corning Cell Counter can measure cell number and size distribution, assess cell health, or quantify organoids and measure their size. 

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Key Features


>> Count faster with less user variability – Manual cell counting is time-consuming and laborious. The Corning Cell Counter uses innovative deep-learning software to minimize user-to-user variability and increase accuracy and reproducibility, even for challenging samples.

>> Do more than just counting – Quickly assess viability with Trypan Blue or measure organoid size distribution.

>> Plug it in and get started  – With an easy-to-use, maintenance-free device that does not require calibration and intuitive software, any lab can quickly start using the Corning Cell Counter. 



Corning Cell Counter


The Corning Cell Counter is the low-cost, high-tech solution to automated cell counting. It is fast, accurate, and affordable. Working with common reusable hemocytometers, it requires no consumables. Powered by the latest imaging-based machine-learning algorithms, it quickly calculates results with less user variability.



The Corning Cell Counter is available with two software modules to match your assay needs:

Cell counting module

Cell Counting – Available in brightfield. Accurately measure cell concentration, size, and viability for cell seeding, protocol standardization, cell growth assessment, and more.

Organoid Counting Module

Organoid Counting – Count and analyze organoids using an advanced deep-learning algorithm.



Can the Corning Cell Counter assess cell viability?

Yes, cell viability can be assessed using Trypan Blue.

Does the Corning Cell Counter work with any cell counting chamber?

Yes, as long as the counting chamber is transparent and has a depth of 0.1 mm. It does not matter if the cell counting chamber is made of glass, plastic, has a counting grid or if there are multiple counting chambers.

Is a computer required?

The Corning Cell Counter requires a desktop or laptop running on Windows 10 or above, with a USB3 port and an active internet connection. A WiFi or Ethernet connection is necessary for connection to the Axion Portal for image analysis and storage.

How do I clean the Corning Cell Counter?

The device is easy to clean using lint-free wipes and ethanol (70%) or isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Do not autoclave or use acetone to clean the device.

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