Organoid Counting Module

Organoid counting module for Exact

Organoid Counting Module

The Organoid Counting module for the Exact platform can detect organoids and spheroids of various shapes and sizes. In addition to counting the total number of organoids, the module can quantify organoid size and distribution. With the latest in image analysis algorithms, quickly and accurately count your organoids and spheroids. 

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Key Features

>> Accurate – Consistently count the number of organoids in your sample.

>> Fast – Minimize user-to-user variability with advanced image analysis that incorporates innovative machine-learning algorithms.

>> Powerful  – Get better data with software that assesses the number of organoids or spheroids in a sample.


With the Organoid Counting Module:

>> Quantify organoids and spheroids automatically

>> Measure organoid size and distribution

The Organoid Counting Module enables robust and accurate quantification of organoids and spheroids in a sample. The module can also assess the size and population distribution of organoids and spheroids, making it an excellent tool for studying and optimization of 3D cell models.

Organoid counting module software interface


Metrics provided by the Organoid Counting Module:

>> Organoid concentration (organoids/mL) - average concentration and concentration of individual counts

>> Organoid area (µm2) - Organoid area

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