Engineering hiPSC-CM and hiPSC-EC laden 3D nanofibrous splenic hydrogel for improving cardiac function through revascularization and remuscularization in infarcted heart

Guan G, Huo D, Li Y, Zhao X, Li Y, Qin Z, Sun D, Yang G, Yang M, Tan J, Zeng W, and Zhu C.

Bioactive Materials, 2021


The authors develop and characterize a splenic extracellular matrix-derived thermoresponsive hydrogel for human induced pluripotent stem cell cultivation. The spleen secretes cardioprotective factors after myocardial infarction and they hypothesized the new matrix would create a proper microenvironment for cardiac repair and improve cell delivery. Using the new hydrogel matrix, endothelial cells and cardiomyocytes were derived in vitro and characterized. The splenic hydrogel improved cell adhesion, cardiac contraction, Wnt signaling, and demonstrated a cytoprotective effect. MEA demonstrated improved cardiac function on the new hydrogel. The study demonstrates a promising strategy for post-infarction repair and regeneration.