Multi-Electrode Array of Sensory Neurons as an In Vitro Platform to Identify the Nociceptive Response to Pharmaceutical Buffer Systems of Injectable Biologics

Eaton M, Que Z, Zhang J, Beck K, Shi R, McDermott J, Ladisch M, and Yang Y.

Pharmaceutical Research, 2021


Buffer solutions are an important component of FDA-approved injectable medications.  Clinical studies indicate that buffer components may contribute to pain at the injection site.  To test this, the Yang lab developed an in vitro MEA based recording system for rodent dorsal root ganglion sensory neuron culture and monitored the change in firing rate to measure nociception upon exposure to monoclonal antibodies and buffer solutions.  Solutions with citrate salt or citrate mannitol resulted in an increased firing rate compared to saline at the same pH.  Lowering the concentration of citrate, reduced the firing rate.  The results support the use of a MEA assay on the Maestro Pro to evaluation potential nociceptive responses to buffer solutions.