Altered neuronal support and inflammatory response in bipolar disorder patient-derived astrocytes

Vadodaria KC, Mendes APD, Mei A, Racha V, Erikson G, Shokhirev MN, Oefner R, Heard KJ, McCarthy MJ, Eyler L, Kelsoe JR, Santos R, Marchetto MC, and Gage FH.

Stem Cell Reports, 2021


Maestro MEA was used to study inflammation-related phenotypes of iPSC-derived astrocytes from bipolar disorder patients. When cocultured with neurons, disease lines reduced neural activity compared to wild type. This reduction was present in astrocyte conditioned media as well and linked to the IL-6 through IL-6 inactivating antibody. Increased blood concentrations of IL-6 was detected in a bipolar disorder patient cohort, indicating an potential role of this inflammatory signaling pathway in disease.