Cell Counting Module

Cell Counting Module for Exact

Cell Counting Module

Cell counting is a key step in many experimental workflows. While manual cell counting is the standard method for cell quantification, it is time-consuming and prone to user-to-user variability. The Cell Counting Module for the Exact platform, can automate the process of cell counting, generating accurate and reproducible results in a fraction of the time needed for manual counting.


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With the Cell Counting Module:

>> Measure cell concentration, size, and viability quickly and accurately

>> Choose between brightfield or dual fluorescence counting modes

>> Count various cell types

The Cell Counting Module allows researchers to assess total cell count and viability quickly and reliably. Driven by robust pattern recognition algorithms, the tool can detect individual cells within cellular clusters, evaluate cell viability using Trypan Blue or fluorescent dyes, select a population of interest through cell size gating, or evaluate cell size distribution of a sample.

Output List

Metrics provided by the Cell Counting Module:

>> Total number of cells (cells/mL)

>> Live and dead cells (cells/mL)

>> Viability (%)

>> Size of live and dead cells (┬Ám)

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