Maestro Z + Omni

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Multiplex your assay: Maestro + Omni

>> Easily view your live cells alongside real-time, functional data to enhance your analysis

>> Monitor electrode coverage and cell morphology to ensure consistent, quality results

>> Experience no-hassle tracking—the Axion Portal automatically links data via barcode

Data from the Maestro Z and Omni are linked by a plate barcode - one plate multiple systems


Streamline your process with side-by-side imaging and bioelectronic data

Users with a Maestro Z system and an Omni live-cell imager can now visualize their cells in AxIS software with no complicated steps. Axion Portal (included with Omni) automatically links plates via barcode so imaging data will appear in AxIS Z. Side-by-side visualization can provide critical indicators about cell morphology, culture health, and electrode coverage—adding context and quality to your impedance experiments.


Axis Navigator software links to imaging data in the Axion Portal



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